An afternoon of municipal elections at CPSA

The program for the Canadian Political Science Association at Congress is always engaging, but this year I’m especially happy to have Tuesday afternoon to think in more detail about the municipal elections we in Ontario survived this past October.

I’ve been delighted to work with the Zachary Spicer to put together a roundtable on October’s Ontario municipal elections. Since the excitement in Ontario’s largest city understandably receives a great deal of needed attention, we decided to take a step back and focus on the often fascinating things happening in some of Ontario’s 443 other municipalities.

So on Tuesday afternoon our roundtable will follow a panel on the Toronto municipal elections, which is being jointly run with the political behaviour folks.

In our roundtable, we’re looking forward to setting the stage by talking about the local races in Mississauga, Ottawa, and Waterloo, and having a discussion with you about the 2014 elections and the rich potential terrain for municipal elections studies in Ontario. We’re particularly excited to be joined by Caroline Andrew to tell us about Ottawa, and Tom Urbaniak to tell us about Mississauga. I’ll be contributing some observations from Waterloo Region, and Zac will be providing some broader context and chairing the session.

We hope you’ll join us on Tuesday June 2nd at 3:15 in Sciences sociales FSS/4014 at the University of Ottawa, and help us spread the word. See you soon!