My Master’s research, finally published

It took seven years, but I’m thrilled to be able to say that the work resulting from my Master’s Research Project has been published. It appears in the Canadian open-access journal Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture, & Social Justice.

As the abstract explains,

Using two published accounts of teaching experience in Women’s Studies classrooms by way of illustration, I argue that seeing privilege through three lenses—as something one has, something one is, and something one does—can assist feminist educators in meeting diverse goals in their anti-oppression classrooms as they continue to grapple with the messy and often contradictory challenges of privilege.

While my work no longer focuses on feminist political theory, I’ve always been pleased that so much of the work I’ve done in that area deals with the theoretical aspects of practical challenges faced by educators. It’s my hope that this work will provide some assistance and support to teachers at all levels who are working to address issues of equity and power in their classrooms.

The article information is available here, and you can read the full PDF of the article for free here.

My sincere thanks to Dr. Eleanor MacDonald, who skillfully supervised the project during my time at Queen’s, and to my anonymous Atlantis reviewers for their insightful comments.