Ontario’s proposed land use planning changes

We’ve got a new blog post up at Smart Growth Waterloo Region about the provincial government’s proposed changes as part of its coordinated land use planning review.

The short version is that the province is proposing some changes that will help other communities do what Waterloo Region is already doing, but we’ve been left out of the Greenbelt once again. See the full post for details, and to find out how you can help make sure our local protections get the added strength at the provincial level that they need to keep them strong well into the future.

While I’m in Calgary for a conference next week, the province will be holding the first of their open houses on the proposed changes right here in Waterloo Region on May 31st. I hope you’ll head out to learn more. With the passion in this community, I know there will be lots of strong voices for the area represented at the open house while I’m away.